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Learn how to create Excel dashboards.

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Premium Excel Charting Guide

The PremiumSlides Charting Kit - Create Charts in Premium Quality

For everyone, who wants to create outstanding Charts in Microsoft Excel, the PremiumSlides Charting Kit is mandatory.

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Excel Dashboard Kit

Excel Dashboards Reporting Kit

Create Excel Dashboards easily. Watch this video, to see how Excel Dashboard Templates work. This kit describes exactly how to set up an Excel Dashboard. These Dashboards show your Business Data on just one sheet.

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Premium PowerPoint Slides

Business PowerPoint Slides Package - Create Professional Presentations

The perfect PowerPoint package for your daily work! More than 350 Slides full of Processes, Arrows, Gantt Charts, Project Plans, Maps and much more.

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24 Excel Project Templates

24 Excel Project Templates

Anyone managing a project, anyone monitoring a project, anyone tracking and reporting on a project can use these templates and be more productive & efficient in their work.

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Excel Spreadsheet Budgetplanner

Simpleplanning Budget Planner Spreadsheet

Easy to use Excel Spreadsheet. An easy to understand budget planner that works right in Microsoft Excel (there is no need for additional software). 14,000 copies sold!

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Peltiertech - Panel Chart Utility

Create professional panel charts in Excel using columns of data. No programming required, but you can call the utility from your own Excel programs.

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Excel Barcode Addin

Code 128 Barcode Add In For Excel

This is a fully functional barcode add in for Excel. The free code 128 barcode font is included in the Excel barcode add in installer.

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Spreadsheet XML

Create spreadsheets with C#/VB.NET and Open XML SDK

Are you looking for a programming solution to create Microsoft Excel spreadsheets using the Microsoft .NET Framework? Here's the solution! But how can you avoid the costly license fees of commercial code libraries? By simply using the Open XML SDK, a free development kit from Microsoft.

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